Awesome Features
  • Email Voicemail to Multiple Recipients
  • Voicemail audio file as .WAV & .MP3 format
  • Voicemail Audio Transcribed To Text
  • Voicemail Archiving (Unlimited Storage)
  • Customized integrations are now possible

Voicemail To Text FAQ

How does the service work?
When a caller leaves you voicemail your phone system will capture their voice as an audio file. This file is then sent thru our transcription service which will return a typed version of what the caller said in the audio file. Finally we convert the audio file into a WAV and a MP3 file before sending you all 3 items to as many email recipients of your choosing.

Can I get Voicemail To Text for my whole company?
Absolutely, contact your sales representative and enable this service on as many or as few extensions as you like.

Can I get Voicemail To Text for my residential line too?
Absolutely, contact your sales representative and enable this service on residential line hassle free.

How will this Voicemail To Text system be different than my existing voicemail system?
Our Voicemail To Text service has all of the same features as your current voicemail service, with additional features such as converting all your voicemail messages into text and sending them to as many email addresses as you like completely transcribed and attached with WAV and MP3 audio version of the voicemail. Also included in the text is full caller information with date / time of the call.

How does the auto delete option work?
For those who prefer to manage their voicemail electronically via their email program it becomes cumbersome and time consuming if you have to lift the phone receiver, dial into voicemail and delete messages one by one. For this reason you can choose to turn on "voicemail auto delete". Enabling this option will allow your phone system to transcribe / convert and email you the voicemail before finally deleting it from the server so you do not have to manually do it later. There is no cost for enabling this option.

How are messages counted?
Any message that requires transcription is counted on your plan. We do not charge per email sent, only by transcribed message. If caller hangs up before leaving a message, you will not be charged.