Awesome Features
  • Email Voicemail to Multiple Recipients
  • Voicemail audio file as .WAV & .MP3 format
  • Voicemail Audio Transcribed To Text
  • Voicemail Archiving (Unlimited Storage)
  • Customized integrations are now possible


  • Voicemail sent in MP3 & WAV format, listen to whichever you prefer or is supported by your device
  • Unlimited voicemail box storage with the purchase of the voicemail archiving add-on
  • Voicemail delivery can be sent to multiple recipients
  • Dial-in voicemail management from your IP Phone, Softphone or remotely
  • Voicemail auto delete allows you to mange your voicemail by email alone, save time by not having to delete the messages from your phone one by one
  • Online voicemail management via your client portal


  • Read voicemail on your mobile phone, portable device and/or e-mail
  • Whether you are in a meeting, traveling, or on the golf course, you can instantly see who called, what they said, and you won't have to listen to all of your messages to find out about an important missed call
  • Use the voicemail archiving interface to search, sort, archive and delete voicemail like email
  • You won't have to write down the information from a voicemail; important numbers, names and addresses are easy to find, easy to access and will never get lost
  • Respond in text by forwarding the message to another person
  • Voicemails delivered as text when you are roaming this saves you money
  • You can still listen to the message as an audio file that is sent direct to your e-mail or dial in to the voicemail system
  • Keep the same voicemail functionality that you are used to; all dial-in voicemail functionality stays the same
  • Save time – users manage, READ, and listen to voicemail in one spot
  • Greater efficiency – transcribed voicemail arrive as e-mail with the caller’s information (Caller ID, Date / Time) in the email, as well as the transcribed voice message and two attached audio file of the original message in MP3 & WAV format
  • Harness control over your voicemail – archive, forward, file, search, and reply to voicemail via email or text message
  • Return on investment – estimated time saved per month is 3+ hours
  • No more voicemail hassle – voicemail archiving means you never have to delete voicemail and can easily access and search for messages
  • Voicemail functionality stays the same – call and listen to messages when needed
  • Great for follow-up – transcribed voicemail arrive as e-mail making it easy to reply to the caller electronically at your convenience, this saves you time