Awesome Features
  • Email Voicemail to Multiple Recipients
  • Voicemail audio file as .WAV & .MP3 format
  • Voicemail Audio Transcribed To Text
  • Voicemail Archiving (Unlimited Storage)
  • Customized integrations are now possible


While on a business trip to Los Angeles in 2003, James was out to dinner with friends. Before they could sit down, William had to sort through a 20 minute backlog of voicemails gathered during a day filled with meetings. Jesse commented to James, "Wouldn't it be easier if you could just read your voicemail?" At the time, James was working with voice recognition technologies and had a creative idea on how to build a system that would enable people to stop listening to voicemail and READ IT and with that, Voicemail To Text was born.


Our Voicemail To Text Service has one mission: to bring freedom from listening to voicemail to our customers and back it with our premier support and service. We dedicate every day to supercharging our customers' communications experience; We take this so seriously that our team integrated our Voicemail To Text service into every major U.S. carrier network, just so our customers can read voicemail from their mobile, home and work phones in one, unified place. If you are not already a Voicemail To Text user, we encourage you to take advantage of our service and Stop Listening to Voicemail; READ IT!