Awesome Features
  • Email Voicemail to Multiple Recipients
  • Voicemail audio file as .WAV & .MP3 format
  • Voicemail Audio Transcribed To Text
  • Voicemail Archiving (Unlimited Storage)
  • Customized integrations are now possible

Now there is a simpler way to handle voicemail

Voicemail and email are now better integrated. Our Voicemail To Text service now converts your voicemail into a MP3 file, a WAV file and finally into text and sends these 3 things directly to your mobile phone, Blackberry, Android, iPhone and/or your email account. We now support sending to multiple recipients and also offer an enterprise grade archiving as an add-on. You can instantly see who has called and what they said, whether you are sitting in a business meeting or traveling on the road. Your voicemail functionality does not change; it can still be listened to and stored for later use. Use our new Voicemail To Text service to unify your mobile, home and work phones into one voicemail box and read your voicemail from any of your phone numbers anywhere in the world. The service works with your existing voicemail service which is currently available to consumers. Users with our Voicemail To Text add-on can still dial in and listen to voicemail the old way, should they choose. Worried about loosing an important voicemail? Our voicemail archiving service offers unlimited voicemail storage (WAV, MP3, and text transcription), so users never have to worry about loosing an important voicemail.

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